Woodland Burials & Funerals




In response to London’s growing population and lack of space for new cemeteries, mature forests on the outskirts of the city are being developed as natural burial parks. Closest to us in North London, there are carefully managed forests in Colney, Epping Forest and the Chiltern Hills with prices starting from £1,750.00, including plot and internment fees.


Forestry experts choose the gravesites so that they don’t disturb the primary root system of the tree. They also predict how the future growth of the tree will allow other graves around it. At a reasonable price, you buy a single or double plot, or reserve an entire area under one tree for your family for the future.



Every natural burial site we have used also has an indoor space which can be used not only at the funeral itself but also in the future. This can be convenient in winter months and inclement weather. For a future anniversary or memorial event, you can visit the grave and organise your own music and food in comfort.



Reserving the area next to a new grave for future burial of coffins or ashes is much easier to achieve with newly opened grounds than in long-established urban or suburban cemeteries which have less space.


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