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History of Levertons

Leases dating from 1789 show John Leverton of Henry Street (click to view map dated 1799) buying land and selling the houses he built on them. At this time, funeral work was conducted by local carpenters “undertaking” to make the coffins and transport the body. Leverton and Sons Ltd has been a family owned company of funeral directors based within the St Pancras area of London for two hundred and twenty years.

In 1763, John Leverton was baptised in the village of Meeth, Devon. One day he packed his bags and in 1789 he made the long journey to London to set up business as a carpenter. Coming from a Devonshire village, eighteenth century London must have seemed a vast place.

Initially, coffin-making would have represented only a small part of the work which employed John all those years ago, but as the area became more densely populated, the funeral side of his work expanded at such a rate that it soon dominated the business.

In the fourth generation of Leverton funeral directors, Henry John (1859-1935) was the eldest son. He moved our business premises to Eversholt Street in 1888. Our head office is in the same street today. His son Stanley (1883-1963) became a partner in 1909 and was later joined by his own sons: Derrick, Ivor and Basil. The seventh generation is represented by Ivor’s sons, Keith (now retired) and Clive. Our Head Office is in Eversholt Street where cousins Pippa and Andrew are based.

As children, Keith and Clive assumed that all houses had the phone ringing in the middle of the night and that everyone’s dads abandoned half-eaten evening meals on a regular basis. Funeral directing as a family trade is unusual because the business affects the lives of your nearest and dearest at all hours of the day. So, as children, the Levertons were always aware that the people on the other end of the telephone had to be treated with great care. This is without doubt where our training began.

Keith recalls meeting the school careers officer for the first time. The man had spent most of his day advising boys that they may not necessarily be selected for Arsenal and trying to convince them that perhaps a back-up plan might be a good idea. Keith sat down and firmly said ‘I want to be a funeral director’. The careers adviser was speechless for some time. Whether it was relief or disbelief, we’ll never know.

Modern communications have made our work much easier. The 24 hour nature of funeral directing can now be shared among several people as opposed to being the job of those who live above a Levertons branch. In the early days, it was the doorbell. Most people died at home 50 years ago and when that happened, we were around the corner - the first port of call for a family in distress.

Download a pdf of an article Basil Leverton wrote for the Camden Historical Society back in 1982 which gives more information about the History.

Immediate Assistance

In the case of someone dying at home, or if you need to contact us for immediate assistance out of our office hours, please do call us. We can arrange collection at any time of day or night:
5.0/5.0 based on 535 Customer Reviews

Your initial advice and questions were appropriate, sensitive and practical, explaining the options and what I needed to do. Your flower firm and print firm were excellent.Your staff at the funeral were supportive and dignified, and your driver kindly allowed us meeting time afterwards. You coordinated effectively with the Vicar and organist. Many thanks for professional yet personal service.

Review by John N left on 09 Aug 2022


Really well managed from start to finish. Barry was supportive and guided us through the whole process with sensitivity.

Review by Maurice K left on 05 Aug 2022


It was perfect. Kathryn Isherwood who is at the Haverstock Hill NW3 is a very lovely lady. Words fail me to describe her empathy, help and understanding that enable me to say a wonderful farewell to my brother. You simply are second to none.

Review by HILDA S left on 03 Aug 2022


Very helpful and polite team of experienced professionals.

Review by R Langford left on 28 Jul 2022


Levertons were kind and sensitive to my needs for my Mother's funeral and very supportive every step of the way. The service was lovely and I believe done in the way my Mum would have wished for. Everything was handled so well and so professionally and the team were most kind and considerate on the day itself.

Review by Marsha R left on 27 Jul 2022


Once again in Levertons' safe hands. Hoping not to need them again for many years!

Review by Edwina L left on 26 Jul 2022


Barry and his team were fantastic so professional excellent so pleased we went with Leverton and sons if anybody was undecided on who to take care of a funeral I would not only suggest Barry and his team but insist on them brilliant!!!

Review by Andrew B left on 25 Jul 2022


I’m actually lost for words… Absolutely amazing, I honestly can’t thank Barry white enough for the service I received at my mother (Susan’s) funeral. it was beautiful from start to finish, very professional caring and patient staff. Barry went above and beyond and did everything possible to make sure I was happy, informed and understood everything that was going to happen I’m so glad I chose levertons! Oh and not forgetting a big thank you to winston and general the horses! Absolutely beautiful! Samantha.

Review by Samantha H left on 16 Jul 2022


I had the pleasure under difficult circumstances to meet with Kathryn Isherwood, firstly, to pre-plan my sister's funeral, on a visit to London where my sister lived. Upon my sister's death, I made a second trip to London for the funeral. I was very pleased with the services both before and after my sister's passing. Everything went smoothly. I literally had nothing to worry about. Emails were answered promptly and satisfactorily. Kathryn even offered to drop off my sister's remains to a friend's home on the eve of my departure back to Canada. Thank you very much, Kathryn and Levertons, Hampstead.

Review by Deborah c left on 13 Jul 2022


I had been informed that there would be six pallbearers on Monday 13th June 2022. However, as we were entering the church two pallbearers were unavailable so I had to ask two friends to take their place. On the morning of the funeral the order of service leaflets were not in the church when the mourners arrived and a friend had to go to Leverton's in Maldon Road to collect them.

Review by Margaret H left on 06 Jul 2022


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