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Funerals in the 21st Century reflect the many changes in the profile of the society in which we live.

We ensure that individual requests are reflected in the funeral arrangements of each individual client.

Please see the list below for some examples of the different types of funeral which we provide and click on each for more information:

Woodland Burials & Funerals
In response to London’s growing population and lack of space for new cemeteries, mature forests on the outskirts of the city are being developed as natural burial parks for woodland burials and woodland funerals. Forestry experts choose the gravesites so that they don’t disturb the primary root system of the tree. They also predict how the future growth of the tree will allow other graves around it.
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Eco Friendly Funerals
Thankfully, funeral directors are now able to offer much more eco-friendly funeral options and we can offer many services which make much greener choices in terms of the environment. These include our Eco-hearse and coffins. We use the word ‘greener’ rather than ‘green’ very consciously. The carbon footprint of a funeral can be reduced in a variety of different ways.
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We pioneered the UK’s first all-electric Eco-Hearse in 2013. Nine years later in July 2022 we took delivery of our first full-size electric Nissan hearse. These hearses have proven popular with our clients, providing the option of a modern and environmentally friendly funeral in and around London.
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Horse-drawn Hearse
Some people like to use a horse-drawn hearse for a funeral. Levertons uses a perfectly schooled team of horse breed - the Belgian Blacks. For the horse-drawn hearse it is possible to have a pair of horses or a team of four horses. You can choose between black or grey horses and we can guide you through the options.
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Traditional Funerals
We have many options and suggestions we can make to you for a more traditional funeral style. As an example in terms of our transport, these include the use of our Jaguar limousines and hearses as our more traditional funeral transport. Others also like to include traditions such as having a funeral director walking and leading the way ahead of the hearse in a top hat. There are many options available to you which we can discuss.
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Embalming and Viewing
Seeing a person again after they have died can be very important to some people, but not at all to others. It is important that a deceased person is presented for viewing in the best possible way and embalming can help with this. Embalming is a process of temporary preservation using the arterial system to distribute a solution of formaldehyde.
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Cultures and Religions
With many years' of experience in a multi-cultural city, we have conducted funerals for all the major religions and many lesser-known traditions too as well as non-religious funerals. As a company, we represent no single culture, race, religion or nationality and will assist you in whatever requirements you have.
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Themed, Bespoke & Custom Funerals
We are here to assist you in creating whatever funeral and day of remembrance is appropriate - however individual your requests may be. We can help you to create a funeral that reflects a person’s particular life passions or hobbies. Themes have included military, football, music, fashion, motorcycles or just asking people to dress in a specific colour.
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Humanist & Non-Religious Funerals
There is no requirement for funeral services to be religion-based. Many people prefer there to be no religious content in the funeral and there are trained celebrants available that can arrange and lead a non-religious funeral ceremony. Whilst the term ‘humanist funeral’ is often used to describe a non-religious funeral, a humanist funeral will make no allowance for any religious elements within the ceremony.
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Direct Cremation
This pared-down service is designed for people who do not want a ceremony at the time of the cremation. The cremated remains can be returned to the family and a memorial service can be held at a later date. This type of funeral is the simplest and least expensive we offer, given that there is no formal ceremony at the committal.
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Immediate Assistance

In the case of someone dying at home, or if you need to contact us for immediate assistance out of our office hours, please do call us. We can arrange collection at any time of day or night:

Fantastic everything we wanted was done nothing put them out there way they did everything we asked for my mam was well looked after amazing people and very helpful

Review by Stacey K left on 28 Nov 2023


Lorna was great and very professional, we had a lovely service. She listened to what we wanted and carried it out accordingly. Thanks to all the team

Review by Ann S left on 28 Nov 2023


The relatively sudden death of my best friend who was 48 years old was one of the hardest things to bear. Levingtons made arranging his funeral so easy, the staff felt like friend who listened and understood with no pressures I’d like to thank pippa and Michael for bringing comfort at such an awlful time. Keep up the good work and never change

Review by Peter C left on 25 Nov 2023


I was very impressed from first to last with the way in which Kathryn at Leverton handled the arrangements. Very sensitive and professional indeed.

Review by Paul G left on 24 Nov 2023


Levertons dealt with the funeral of our dear aunt with respect and tenderness. Kathryn at the Hampstead branch was very helpful and personable and explained the process and was considerate of our wishes. She communicated regularly and was there on the day to assist and reassure.

Review by Anne S left on 10 Nov 2023


With respect and tenderness. Kathryn at the Hampstead branch was very helpful and personable and explained the process and was considerate of our wishes. She communicated regularly and was there on the day to assist and reassure.

Review by Anne S left on 10 Nov 2023


I had a very positive experience with Leverton in Belsize Park. Kathryn made the whole experience of organising my husband’s funeral very easy, and in assisting me to obtain the desired ceremony. The result was faultlessly beautiful.

Review by Alice F left on 07 Nov 2023


Dear Kathryn, Thank you for your invaluable care and support during the dark days following Richard’s passing. You were a great comfort to us as a family and your ability to coordinate all the various aspects involved was nothing short of a miracle. The funeral, although traumatic, went smoothly. We received nothing but wonderful comments from all involved. We send you very best wishes.

Review by Julie R left on 06 Nov 2023


The service that Levertons (Golders Green) provided, cannot be faulted. From beginning to end and through every aspect of the arrangements, they were: professional, supportive, kind and extremely patient. I would recommend this company very highly

Review by Catherine D left on 23 Oct 2023


Kathryn was brilliant - she was thorough, efficient, friendly - everything from preparation to the actual day went very well. It was so nice that this old, established firm, continued to serve their customers with a personal touch. Can't recommend more. Thank you Kathryn!

Review by Kumiko M left on 18 Oct 2023


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