A star in memory for all our clients

Christmas is a time when loved ones come together and celebrate, but it is also a time when we miss those who we have loved and lost the most. It’s a time when their absence is strongly felt.

All Saints’ Church in Child’s Hill (near Golders Green) is once again holding their Christmas Tree Festival and we are sponsoring a tree. As we were privileged this year to have been entrusted with supporting and arranging a funeral for you, we thought that you might like to add to the decoration of the tree by having a star in memory of your loved one. Of course, you can also remember others who were dear to you as well.

You can have their name written on the star, or a message that can be as short as you wish (but not too long, please). We’ve been told that people find that it helps them to write these messages and to hang a memory.

There’s no charge. Just contact Drew by email with your message, or post your own star to him at the Golders Green address, or feel free to drop in.

The Christmas Tree Festival begins on 11th December, and the trees will be up until 9th January 2022.

If you would like to take part please let Drew know.

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