What to do when someone dies

If you have wondered what you should do if someone close to you dies or you are experiencing a bereavement at the moment, we hope the following steps help to simplify what you will need to do.

First step

Within five days, you should register the person’s death, usually at the Registry Office closest to the place of death. The registration should be done by a relative or the executor of the will. Please be aware that many Registry Offices require you to make an appointment.

Once you have registered the death, we or another funeral director can then handle all the arrangements for you or help to guide and advise you.

Next steps

The next step will depend on where the person has died. That may be that they have died at home, in professional care or abroad. The person may need to be repatriated from here to outside of the UK. There are also other steps to take if they died suddenly or unexpectedly and if the death is of a baby or child.

Please click on one of the options to follow the steps that you would need to take next:

Dying at home

Death in professional care

Dying abroad or repatriation

Sudden or unexpected death

When a child or baby dies

All good funeral directors will be able to talk you through the steps based on your situation. You can of course call or email us for guidance and assistance at any time and with no obligation. We are always here to help you.

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