Humanist Funerals




There is no requirement for funeral services to be religion-based. Many people prefer there to be no religious content in the funeral and there are trained celebrants available that can arrange and lead a non-religious funeral ceremony.

When the congregated mourners are of many faiths or the deceased’s faith was uncertain, the most fitting approach may be to use a civil, non-religious or secular celebrant.  These celebrants are open to the inclusion of readings, prayers, hymns and music which derive from any spiritual or religious traditions relevant to the deceased and the congregation. Since nothing is assumed or prescribed, the service can be specific to the beliefs of the person who has died.

Whilst the term ‘humanist funeral’ is often used to describe a non-religious funeral, humanism is essentially atheist in concept and a humanist funeral will make no allowance for any religious elements within the ceremony.  If a humanist service is what you wish to have you can find out more about it and select a humanist officiant from their website.  Alternatively your funeral director may be able to recommend a humanist celebrant already known to them.

Owing to the highly personalised nature of the service and because the celebrant is not otherwise supported by the church or parish, non-religious celebrant’s fees are usually higher than religious ministers. Your funeral director will be able to advise you.