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It is your choice as to what you have at a funeral. The only necessary items are the removal, a coffin and the committal.


Therefore we have listed a basic funeral service option for you to which you can add any disbursements (itemised below) that you would like, as well as a direct cremation option.

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Basic Funeral Service

Local removal of deceased in office hours, administration, an Eton (for burial) or Brook (for cremation) coffin, a hearse and bearers direct to a local place of committal.  The day and time of the funeral may be restricted and we must receive full payment in advance of the funeral.


£1,915 + disbursements


Disbursements: These are the highly variable third party costs paid out by us on behalf of clients.  They are individually itemised for every funeral.

Direct Cremation Option

Local removal of deceased in office hours, administration, a simple coffin, transportation to a crematorium of our choice on a day and at a time of our choosing, all necessary staff, crematorium fees and the medical cremation certificate fees if applicable. There will be no funeral service and no attendance.

Unattended: £1,395 + £82 (medical certificate fee if applicable)*

Although there is no service, we can arrange for you to attend the committal.


Attended: £1,795 + £82 (medical certificate fee if applicable)*

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*Paid in advance

Itemised price list
Conditions of payment


Disbursements should be paid to Leverton & Sons Ltd in advance of the funeral. Disbursements are fees external to Levertons and include cremation or burial costs, ministers or non-religious celebrants, flowers, receptions, doctors, etc. An invoice for the remaining bill is issued a week after the funeral. We expect the account be paid within a month of the date of the invoice. A payment plan can be organised if necessary.


The total charge for a low-cost ‘Basic Funeral’ or ‘Direct Cremation’ package has to be paid in advance.


If the funeral is to be paid for by the estate of the deceased, present the death certificate along with an invoice from the funeral director before the funeral to ensure that sufficient funds are available. Disbursements still have to be paid in advance by the estate, next of kin or executor.


Should you qualify for financial support from the Social Fund (DWP), you will still have to pay certain fees in advance. Please be aware that the Social Fund will not cover the entire cost of a funeral. Our professional fee is £1,675 and the Social Fund will pay a maximum of £700 towards that fee. They will also cover cremation or the cost of a modest private grave. All other costs must be met by you personally.