Leverton & Sons is proud to have developed the UK’s first 100% electric Eco-Hearse. 


In partnership with Brahms Electric Vehicles we’ve created a hearse which is based on a Nissan ‘Leaf’.  Automotive designer Steve Cousins chose to customise the Leaf for its inventive engineering, rapid battery charging and its capability of travelling up to 60 miles on a single charge.


From promoting coffins made of biodegradable materials and arranging burials in natural woodland, we took the next natural step – addressing the emissions created by our vehicles. Our clients and staff live and work in one of the most polluted and noisiest parts of the country.  By using the Eco-Hearse, we will reduce our carbon footprint and are glad to make a small contribution towards creating a cleaner London for future generations and our local environment.


Choosing the Eco-Hearse for a funeral sends a positive environmental message to friends, family and future generations. The Eco-Hearse also has a less formal and more modern appearance than a standard hearse with it's gentle shape.


We also offer a passenger Eco-car for mourners.



Eco hearse fleet
Eco hearse fleet

Levertons’ Eco-Hearse won us the Best Green Funeral Director title in 2013 and again in 2017 awarded by the Good Funeral Guide. It also resulted in us winning  Best Alternative Hearse at the 2015 Good Funeral Awards and was also named ‘Star of the Show’ when we launched it at the National Funeral Exhibition in 2013.

Good Funeral Award 2017 logo
Winner Good Funeral Awards logo
Eco-hearse with coffin
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