Eco-friendly, Natural Coffins and Caskets




These coffins and caskets are all suitable for burial and cremation. On request, we can tell you more about each coffin; where the materials are sourced, where it is made and how it is transported.


Colourful Coffins are made from recycled cardboard or MDF from sustainable forests. While their range is limited to simple straight-sided caskets or coffins, the outside can be personalised to your wishes.


We are proud to say that of our standard wooden coffins and caskets, the entire veneered range has been awarded a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Kitemark. To about 90%, they are made from industrial byproduct waste and recycled wood. Around 10% of the constituent material is virgin timber which comes from well-managed, sustainable forests. Even the wood in our solid coffins is FSC approved. The veneered coffins contain a small amount of formaldehyde glue, but water-soluble PVA is used as an alternative wherever possible and necessary.


Please note that for all natural/eco coffins shown here - the colour may vary from that shown in the photos.

The flowers in the example pictures shown here are just for display purposes and are not included with the coffins. Please let us know if you would like flowers and we can arrange those separately.

The coffins shown here are just a few examples of what can be provided. All materials come in the traditional or round shapes.


Please contact us to discuss the options.