Dying at home



When someone dies at home you should


  • Call their Doctor (GP) who will issue a Medical Certificate for the cause of death. If this a Locum or other Medical Practitioner who attends they will issue a  Statement of Death.

  • Please contact us on 020 7387 6075 so that we can bring the deceased into our care once the doctor has attended. If you would like the deceased to remain at home for a little while please advise us as soon as possible, and we will give you guidance on this.

  • Register the death within 5 days, but you may contact us or come to see us beforehand if you would like to discuss the funeral arrangements.  Registration is usually at the Registry Office closest to the place of death. The registration should be done by a relative or the executor of the will. Please be aware that many Registry Offices require you to make an appointment.

  • Once you have registered the death, we can handle all the arrangements for you or help guide and advise you. You can also follow the Government's step by step guide of what to after someone dies.

  • If the death is sudden or unexpected it may be refered to a coroner. Find out more about this here.