Registry Offices


The website of the General Registry Office has a search facility where you can enter the postcode of the place where the person died and the site will find the local Registry Office for you. You will have to contact the Registry Office for the place where the person died, rather than for where they lived.


If you have any problems, call them on 0845 603 7788. You can then contact them to establish their opening hours and whether you need to make an appointment in order to register the death.


Remember to take the medical certificate of the cause of death which has been given to you by the doctor or hospital. If you can find birth or marriage certificates, take them too. The registrar will ask you for the person’s maiden name, date and place of birth, last occupation and that of their spouse, the date of birth of any surviving partner and whether they were in receipt of a state pension or other public funds.


If the Coroner’s Office is involved, they will advise you regarding registration.

Click on the name of the Registry Office below to be taken to their individual website for more information:



Registry Offices in London



Barnet Registry Office

Town Hall

The Burroughs



Tel: 020 8359 6400
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Camden Registry Office 
Crowndale Centre
218 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1BD
Tel: 020 7974 4444

(choose option 6 then when prompted say 'registrars')
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Enfield Registry Office
1 Gentleman’s Row 
Enfield EN2 6PS
Tel: 020 8379 1000
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Hammersmith & Fulham Registry Office 

Hammersmith Town Hall

King Street


London W6 9JU

Tel: 020 8753 2140
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Islington Registry Office
Islington Town Hall Upper St
Islington N1 2UD
Tel: 020 7527 6350
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Lambeth Registry Office
34 Peckham Road
Brixton SE5 8QA
Tel: 020 7525 7651
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Tower Hamlets Registry Office
Bromley Public Hall
Bow Road
Mill Meads E3 3AA
Tel: 020 7364 7891
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Walthamstow Registry Office
106 Grove Road
Walthamstow E17 9BY
Tel: 020 8496 2716
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Brent Registry Office
Forty Lane

Tel: 020 8937 1010
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City of London Registry Office
St Bartholomew's Hospital
Pathology Block, Room 36 - 37
Tel: 020 7600 4977
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Hackney Registry Office
Ground Floor
Hackney Town Hall
Mare Street E8 1EA
Tel: 020 8356 3000
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Haringey Registry Office
Civic Centre
High Road
Wood Green N22 8LE
Tel: 020 8489 2605
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Kensington & Chelsea Registry Office 
Chelsea Old Town Hall 
Kings Road SW3 5EE
Tel: 020 7361 4100
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Newham Registry Office
Passmore Edwards Building
207 Plashet Grove
Upton Park E6 1BT
Tel: 020 8430 3616
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Westminster Registry Office

317 Harrow Road
London W9 3RJ
Tel: 020 7641 7500
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