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Funeral announcements


If you wish to publish the details of a funeral, or the announcement of a death which has occurred, you can do so through social websites like Facebook, local or national newspapers and/or 'Much Loved' Levertons tribute website.


We’re happy to place newspaper announcements for you. The cost is dependent on the length of your text and, in some cases, it might be cheaper for you to book it directly online yourself.


Remember to include our address for donations and delivery of flowers in your announcement. You could also include a link for making donations online.



Funeral flowers and their meanings


Floral tributes can be sent by a local florist to the family home or to the funeral director to arrive at least 2 hours before the funeral takes place. You may wish to bring wild flowers or something from your own garden and bring them with you. If a great many tributes are expected, please let the funeral director know so that, if necessary, an extra vehicle can be arranged to take them to the committal.


We can provide you with details of local florists if required.


You can find information about the meanings of different types of flower here: http://www.allflorists.co.uk/advice_flowerMeanings.asp



Funeral donations

Levertons can collect charity donations before, during and after the funeral. Donations sent to us by post should be made out to the charity concerned and have the name of the deceased on the back of the cheque. We allow around 6 weeks to elapse before sending them to the organisation, at which point we also send a list of donors to the next of kin.


Alternatively, donations can be made online through Much Loved – a simple online payment processing site that allows the donations to be passed quickly to the charity and enables the recovery of Gift Aid to further enhance the gift. The site allows donors to leave a message or to give anonymously.


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