Embalming & viewing



Seeing a person again after they have died can be very important to some people, but not at all to others. It is important that a deceased person is presented for viewing in the best possible way and embalming can help with this. Embalming is a process of temporary preservation using the arterial system to distribute a solution of formaldehyde.


All of our branches have a private area where you can spend time with your loved one as they lie in their coffin, wearing either their own clothes or a simple gown which we provide.  We can also bring them home or to a place of worship where people can pay their last respects.


At Levertons, we will apply make-up if requested. However, should the person have suffered some discolouration, we may ask you whether you would like us to conceal it.


Occasionally, embalming is not possible and viewing is not recommended because of the presence of infectious disease or the amount of time that has elapsed between the death itself and our opportunity to preserve the body.