Dispersal of Ashes





Traditionally, ashes were scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium. This is still offered by most crematoria, usually without extra cost. You can also have a memorial at the crematorium in stone, as a plaque, a rosebush or tree or an entry in the Book of Remembrance.


Many people now choose to collect the ashes and scatter or bury them in a place of special emotional connection. That might be the person’s birthplace, on water, a park or favourite walk.


It’s also possible to have a small amount of someone’s ashes suspended in glass as a piece of jewellery or an ornament. Making some of the ashes into man-made diamonds is also an option.

For a spectacular final send-off, ashes can be incorporated into fireworks or even blasted into space.


It’s not uncommon for people to divide a person’s ashes so that closest friends and family can scatter or keep them in the manner they find most fitting.


We can provide you with smaller vessels if you want to divide the ashes or send someone a token, and we’ll decant the ashes for you if required.


If ashes are to be taken to a family grave for scattering or burial, it is advisable to make formal arrangements with the cemetery.




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