Urns are available in all kinds of materials from steel to alabaster, salt and papier-mache. They come in designs to suit every taste. Urns can be used to keep ashes in perpetuity, for burial or simply to transport the ashes to the place they will be scattered.


Ashes are often kept in a plain plastic urn unless a specific urn has been ordered in advance. We can provide sturdy eco-friendly boxes as an alternative to plastic.

Keepsakes or ‘tokens’ are a small amount of ashes in a miniature container. People occasionally wish to retain a small amount of ashes after scattering most of them in a designated place. Sometimes a token may be sent to someone close who was unable to attend the funeral.


There are also craftspeople who incorporate ashes into glass pendants or objects, or even make them into diamonds and fireworks.


You can order any of these urns before or after the funeral. If you choose to transfer ashes into a different urn at a later date, we are happy to do that for you.