Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh & Buddhist Funerals




With many years' of experience in a multi-cultural city, we have conducted funerals for all the major religions and many lesser-known traditions too.


As a company, we represent no single culture, race, religion or nationality and will assist you in whatever requirements you have. Should you need help in finding a religious or non-religious celebrant to conduct the funeral or advise you in a religion that may not be your own, we will gladly help.    


We warmly welcome people from all cultures and religions to Levertons. In most areas we are highly experienced, but occasionally, we require families or religious leaders give to us detailed instructions. Every funeral we undertake should be seamless, entirely fitting, and of comfort to everyone involved.


Among the communities that we have recently served:


African, Agnostic, Anglican, Atheist, Baptist, Baha’i, Caribbean, Chinese, Christian Science, Church of Ireland, Church of Scotland, Coptic, Free Church of Scotland, High Anglican, Hindu, Humanist, Interfaith, Jehovah's Witness, Liberal Jewish, Methodist, Mormon, Multi-denominational, Muslim, Non-religious, Orthodox Churches: Armenian, Greek, Serbian, Russian; Pagan, Philippine, Polish, Quaker, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Sikh, Unitarian, United Reformed, Zoroastrian.


Please feel free to ask us for advice on Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish and Sikh funeral traditions.